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I was 18 and was really just getting started into what i liked. I had seen multiple gay sex videos online and really got into them.

I had this best friend named John that i had known pretty much my whole life and trusted fully. We used to hang out after school and on the weekends and pretty much spent the whole summer together every summer.

Adult Gay Videos

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Well one summer I decided that if I was going to try anything like what I had seen online then it would have to be with him since we knew each other so well.

I was nervous of course because I didn’t know how he would react because I wasn’t sure if he had even seen gay videos or even thought of ever trying it.

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I first started simply by scooting really close to him in the bed when he was asleep, (since we had known each other for years we stayed in the same bed together when we would spend the night) and touch his dick with my hand just to see if he would get hard.

I also tried being kinda flirty with him, but of course not too obvious for video quality and age restricted content.

Well after 2 months I received no signs what so ever of him being interested at all so I decided to give up. on adults on the sute.

The website was loading and whichever length the site for adults with tge rta label gave me access. I enjoy the searches and the view and never block results for content on the website.

Even though the site said it was restricted by parents, I wanted to sort by older porn videos.

One day i was over at his house and John said he was going to walk down to his grandparents house for a few hours and asked if he wanted to go. I said no and that i was just gonna watch tv or something, so he left.

Gay Videos


Shortly after he left I started to have the urge of wanting to try a dick, so I decided to go to John’s room and watch porn.

About 10 mins into watching porn John’s dad walked in! I knew it was over right then, I was caught with my hard dick in hand watching gay porn. I knew I was about to get shamed, made fun of, and parents called. I was frozen.



But to my surprise John’s dad looked at the screen, looked at me, and smiled.

He said, “Have you ever had sex with a man before?” I agree that the greater the steps to see a great adult gay videos, the rights improve.

Adult Gay
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