Hot Guys Gay

Hot Guys Gay

As a horny gay US soldier who served in Iraq, I needed constant sexual release. Fortunately, there weren’t a lot of women serving and the Army is full of big, muscular, he-men, so I had no trouble finding my prey. The military policy of don’t ask, don’t tell was still in full force, and nobody asked and even if they did, I never would have told.

Back in 2007, I was the commander of a platoon stationed in Tikrit, Iraq. We were supposed to help train the Iraqi military after Saddam Hussein’s death. I would spend the day doing my job, but the night was all mine, all mine to hunt for sexual prey.

You see, I had my eye on Brandon, a young 23-year-old hot guys gay recruit who had been promoted to private upon his arrival on our base. He had the most amazing body. Rumor had it that he did nothing but eat, sleep and work out. I had hoped that “having sex with other men” would fit in there somewhere.

I was inspecting the troops in front of the Army barrack when I saw him for the first time. The hot Arabian sun shone on him, highlighting his green army uniform. You see, I had always had a thing for men in uniform. Maybe that was why I joined the military. There was something really hot about a man in a uniform. The thought did all sorts of things to my cock, namely, making it stand at attention.

Hot Guys Gay
Hot Guys Gay

Anyway, my troops lined up in front of me, I stopped right at the young man. I inspected him really good. Due to the unbearable heat (it was easily 100 degrees in the Iraqi summer), all the troops were dressed in light clothing, just a light white military shirt along with green shorts.

I could easily see the definition and musculature of Brandon’s body. He was really muscular. Big and broad would be apt words. Standing at 6’1 and weighing at about 200 pounds, he had thick arms and a broad chest that were revealed by his flimsy shirt. Thank God the Department of Defense allowed us to wear lighter clothing in warm weather while not on patrol. The government finally did something right.

I surveyed his youthful face. He had light blue eyes and what appeared to be buzzed blond hair under his helmet. He had a sharp, angular face, one that indicated a strong, healthy body that would regularly undergo extreme exercise.

Although impressed at his physique and general appearance, I tried not to show it. I didn’t want to be too eager. But still, I was 38 then, which was the peak of male sexuality, so I had an insatiable appetite for younger men. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because they were so hard-bodied and muscled. Maybe because my youth was beginning to fade and theirs was still blossoming. In any case, Brandon gave me a hard-on.

Looking back on it, I normally wouldn’t have acted on my sexual desire later that evening, but I was the base commander and I could have done anything I wanted. I had free rein. No one could stop me.

I leaned in and said, “I don’t remember you, boy. What’s your name?”

Brandon saluted me. “Private Brandon Jones, sir!” His voice was deferential, but certain and confident of himself. It was also very manly, very military. He spoke with the precision required of a soldier.

Dust began to swirl around us, brought on by heavy winds. It created a mirage-like image of Brandon and just for a moment, it made me doubt that he was real. He was easily the most handsome and fittest young man in my platoon. Was he too good to be true? Surely, he couldn’t have been a figment of my imagination, could he?

When the winds stopped, Brandon was still there, to my great relief. No, he wasn’t just a fantasy. He was real, as real as I was, standing there in front of me, made of flesh and blood.

I decided that I needed an excuse to get him alone, and the best one would be a violation of a base rule. He was on my turf and therefore, had to bow to my authority, and hopefully to my cock as well. I wanted my itching cock to be worshipped by this young army stud.

knew I should have left, but watching my friends have gay sex was turning me on, so I pulled my dick out and started stroking it. I looked back at the action as I masturbated and saw that Jason was thrusting his hips up and down. The sight of his dick sliding in and out of Kevin’s ass and the way his balls jiggled excited me even more.

I imagined licking his balls as he fucked Kevin’s ass. Even more surprising was that I wanted to lick the cum seeping out of his ass. Fuck, where did these feelings come from? Why do I want to be a part of it? I was about to cum when I heard Jake move and I froze because I thought I was caught. Jake was only repositioning himself over Jason’s face. Holy shit! Jason must be licking Jake’s ass and he’s not fighting it. He really is a slut.

Jason was now like a piston going in and out of Kevin’s ass. I stroked my cock and was close to cumming when Jason buried his cock deep and held it there. I knew he was cumming and that put me over the edge and I closed my eyes. When cum started to shoot out of my dick an uncontrollable moan left my lips.

Cum continued to shoot out of my dick as I tried to not move. I opened my eyes hoping they didn’t notice me, but they did. All three of them were looking my way because I was a hot guys gay.
7 apr. 2014.

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